Company's services

Payment procedures and methods.

The company's services are paid on a prepayment basis in accordance with the provisions of the relevant contract.

Possible payment methods:

It is possible to pay both the amount of a specific Service Order or invoice, and an arbitrary amount as an advance for the goods and services intended to be purchased under the contract.

The unused advance of paid funds may be transferred to the Carrier’s bank account at any time upon request.

Payments for the services shall be made in Russian Rubles only.

Closing documents are provided to Carriers upon provision of services in the service office or in the user’s Personal account.

Company’s detailsaling Company's details

Full name

Digital Platforms Development Center Limited Liability Company

Short name


Location and correspondence address

Room 19, Premise I, Floor 1, Structure 16, 27 Vyatskaya Street, Moscow, 127015, Russia

Taxpayer Identification Number (INN)


Tax Registration Reason Code (KPP)


Primary State Registration Number (OGRN)


General Director

Yelena Yurievna Ignatenkova

Chief Accountant

Olga Valerievna Krinitsyna

Bank details

for Ruble settlements

Settlement account (RUB)



Sberbank PJSC, Moscow

Bank correspondent account


Bank Identification Code (BIK)


Example of the reference for topping up the Carrier’s settlement entry:

«Advance payment for the services to credit Settlement Entry No. (specify settlement entry number), including VAT (20%) (specify amount in figures) RUB» 

Example of the reference for transfer of cash as payment for the services in case of payment for a valid Service Order:

«Advance payment for the goods / services under Order No. (specify order number), including VAT (20%) (specify amount in figures) RUB”»

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