Freight traffic monitoring
on the territory of Russia

Rent an electronic navigation seal for the transportation of cargoes not subject to Decree No. 290 of the President of the Russian Federation, dated June 24, 2019, as well as the transportation of cargoes in accordance with Order No. 285 of the Federal Rail Transport Agency, dated July 16, 2020.

The service is available for road and rail transportation.



Reduce transportation monitoring costs by up to 50%


Manage your shipments and track them online in your Personal Account


Provide access to cargo only to authorized persons. The system will notify you of any attempts of unauthorized access to the cargo compartment


Send a link to your shipments to the forwarder and consignee so that they could track them online


You will have access to our 24/7 technical support line and a personal manager



  • one-time shipments
  • pay for each shipment

RUB 507.10 cargo sealing

RUB 800.00 per day seal monitoring

RUB 507.10 seal removal


  • unlimited shipments per month
  • seal rental
  • cargo sealing and seal removal
  • online monitoring of freight traffic

RUB 3,500.00 per month

* The prices are indicated for 1 seal excluding VAT

Submit a request
to rent a seal:

- using our 24/7 support line
8 800 550 4334 / +7 499 755 4334

- by email

Delivery options

Warehouse pickup

address: Bryansk, 22 syezda KPSS st., 138

Courier delivery

Calculate seal delivery time and cost on the website of our logistics partner.


Digital Platforms Development Center Limited Liability Company (CRCP LLC) is a Russian Sealing Operator of the Goods Transportation Tracking System. It is the only company in Russia certified by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation as a Sealing Operator in accordance with Order No. 13 of the Ministry of Transport, dated January 14, 2020.

CRCP LLC is part of a group of companies that successfully implement projects in the field of transport telemetry and transport monitoring in Russia using digital technologies that operate with the help of the GLONASS global navigation satellite system.