About the system

How the System works


Carrier's registration at the System

Carriers are registered at the System for free.

Carriers are liable for the reliability and completeness of all documents and information provided to the Operator.

Registration with the System is possible:

  • on the System’s website through User Account
  • in the User Service Offices accommodated by the automobile and railway border crossing points at the national border of the Russian Federation and by fixed-site checkpoints.

Formation by a carrier order for the Operator services and seals

The Operator services shall be ordered through the User Account on the website.

Road carriers shall place an order for the Operator services at least 3 hours prior to arrival at the automobile border crossing points and fixed-site checkpoints, with the following information procured to be added to the goods transportation tracking system:

  • Carrier's name
  • Carrying vehicle's name and registration plate
  • E-mail address and telephone of the person responsible for carriage (vehicle driver)
  • Trade Import and Export Classification codes of the carried goods
  • Country of origin of the goods
  • Cargo departure country
  • Destination country
  • Scheduled date of arrival in the Russian Federation
  • Scheduled date of departure from the Russian Federation
  • Point of arrival in the Russian Federation
  • Point of departure from the Russian Federation
  • The necessary number of electronic navigation seals

Information will be add to each carriage. The rules of registration and provision of information are determined by the operator of the goods transportation tracking system and published on the operator's website.


Payment of a security deposit for electronic navigation seals

During the pretested period of the System, carriers will be able to use electronic navigation seals voluntarily. Neither the security deposit nor the fee for the services related to putting/removing electronic navigation seals and putting them under control in the System will be charged during this period.


Entry into one of the specified border crossing points via the national border of Russia or checkpoints.

Customs authorities or the Federal Service for Supervision of Transport of the Russian Federation will decide on the need to put electronic navigation seals and their number.

During the pretested period of the System, the carrier and the Operator will execute the Electronic Navigation Seal Acceptance Certificate. No security deposit is charged for the electronic navigation seal.


Putting an electronic navigation seal and activation to the System


At departure from Russia

At departure from Russia via the specified border crossing points or checkpoints, the integrity of an electronic navigation seal is checked, the seal is removed and deactivated in the System.

The operator and the carrier execute act of return the seal to the Operator.

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