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The carrier, the forwarder, and the consignee can track their cargo online

Previously, the monitoring service was only available to Carriers who registered in the Goods Tracking System, transport their goods in accordance with Decree No. 290 of the President of the Russian Federation and Order No. 1877 of the Government of the Russian Federation, or carry out other types of transportation.

Digital Platforms Development Center LLC, the sealing operator, allows other participants in the transportation process (the shipper, the consignee, the forwarder) to track the delivery of their goods.

To provide access to the monitoring of transportation to the interested parties, the Carrier must send a link which is automatically generated in the Carrier's Personal Account. The link redirects the user to the Individual's Personal Account, where participants in the transportation process can track the shipments for which they received the links and paid for the links. The service is available from the moment of activation of shipment and allows tracking of the movement of goods online and after delivery as well. In their personal accounts, users can see all the shipments for which they purchased the monitoring service via the link. The user's personal account allows to:

  • Purchase the monitoring service via the link.
  • Track shipments online.
  • View information on transportation, including monitoring, without logging in (after receiving the relevant link).

The real-time monitoring provides continuous control over the transportation, which enables prompt response to alerting events that may occur throughout the delivery, such as changes of route, attempts to gain unauthorized access to the cargo compartment, etc.

You can view the monitoring service rates here.

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