Starting September 06 The port of Saint-Petersburg, Vostochny Port and Port of Vladivostok can be used for starting or finishing international transit transportation of sanctioned groups of goods. Please consider these ports when planning transportation

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Russian Railways and CRCP will cooperate on the use of the System for Tracking Goods Transportation

JSC Russian Railways and the Sealing Operator — Digital Platforms Development Center LLC (CRCP) — agreed to cooperate on the development of the System for Tracking Goods Transportation (SOPT) and the use of electronic navigation seals.

The companies signed a cooperation agreement, which, in particular, provides for the integration of SOPT with information systems of JSC Russian Railways. This will enable a rapid data exchange when preparing documents for transportation and cargo tracking.

Digitalization of transportation processes and the use of electronic navigation seals will enable to speed up the registration of goods transportation, optimize customs procedures without reducing their efficiency, and minimize the forwarders' expenditure in terms of time and money.

In accordance with Decree No. 290 of the President of the Russian Federation dated June 24, 2019, the transit of "sanctioned" cargo through Russia is permitted provided that electronic navigation seals are used. The transportation of "sanctioned" goods through the country is supervised using the System for Tracking Goods Transportation.

The System enables the automatic collection, processing, storage, and transmission of data on the cargo location and safety to supervisory authorities. Forwarders can also see the detailed information on their cargo location in their personal accounts on the Sealing Operator's website:

The System for Tracking Goods Transportation using electronic navigation seals is a large-scale project being developed together with the Federal Customs Service of Russia, the Ministry of Transport, the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Transport (Rostransnadzor), the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Agriculture, and JSC Russian Railways. It will be another step towards the electronic interaction between forwarders, carriers, and supervisory authorities.

The first transits of "sanctioned" cargo from Europe to China through Russia using electronic navigation seals were performed by Russian Railways in March 2020. The new service of Russian Railways will enable the full use of the transit and logistics capability of the country and redirect traffic from the Suez Canal to Russian transport corridors. For forwarders choosing a route through Russia, the delivery time will be reduced from 45 to 11 days. Due to the service, the volume of traffic and the transparency of transit will be increased, which will ensure the protection of national interests and economic security of the state.

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