Starting September 06 The port of Saint-Petersburg, Vostochny Port and Port of Vladivostok can be used for starting or finishing international transit transportation of sanctioned groups of goods. Please consider these ports when planning transportation

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Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan to Develop 'Green Corridors' for Transport from Europe to China

The Sealing Operator – Digital Platforms Development Center LLC – signed a cooperation agreement with national operators of tracking systems for transit transportations of Kazakhstan and Belarus. Digital Platforms Development Center, Belneftegas, and Silk Way Monitoring will develop a unified system of customs transit of goods in the Eurasian Economic Union using electronic navigation seals.

Under the signed agreements, Russian, Kazakh, and Belarusian operators are planning to work on projects related to the integration of national systems for tracking goods transportation. The companies will exchange analytical, statistical, scientific, technical, and legal information, unify business processes and technological solutions to form a single digital transport space for the three countries.

The interaction between the operators will allow the members of the EEU to fully transition to digital management of freight transportation. As a result, carriers and forwarders will be able to choose the best methods for delivery of goods, plan the routes effectively, track the location and status of shipments, and optimize the work of personnel. Digitalization of transportation processes will accelerate the formalization of goods transportation, optimize customs procedures without reducing their efficiency, and minimize the time and financial costs of the transportation process participants.

Platform solutions of Digital Platforms Development Center, Belneftegas, and Silk Way Monitoring will make it possible to develop and provide new services that will improve the safety, convenience, and availability of freight transportation.

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