Starting September 06 The port of Saint-Petersburg, Vostochny Port and Port of Vladivostok can be used for starting or finishing international transit transportation of sanctioned groups of goods. Please consider these ports when planning transportation

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Meeting with international carrier associations discussed industry digitalization

Digital Platforms Development Center (CRCP) LLC held a meeting with international automotive associations, featuring the International Road Transport Union (IRU) and the Association of International Road Carriers of Russia (ASMAP).

The meeting discussed the capabilities of the System for Tracking Goods Transportation (SOPT) and the use of electronic navigation seals (ENS) for transit of sanctioned goods through the territory of the Russian Federation. Representatives of international associations noted the importance of using and further developing the System for the development of international freight traffic. The use of electronic navigation seals allows to reduce the time and financial costs of the carrier: in comparison with the traditional sea route, the route through the territory of Russia takes 7–11 days, while traditional transportation by sea would take 36 days with comparable financial costs.
If we compare the land routes, according to experts, the delivery time of goods through the territory of Russia compared to bypass routes allows the carrier to save up to 30% of the cost of each haul by reducing the delivery time of goods by 2.5–4 days. Also, the carrier may rest assured about the safety of their cargo and track its location on the entire route in real time using their personal account in the System.

The participants considered the establishment of a unified system of customs transit of goods in the Eurasian Economic Union based on SOPT and the prospects for combining the Russian System with the systems of neighboring EAEU member states, as well as the possibility of cooperation between IRU and CRCP in joint projects related to the integration of the System for Tracking Goods Transportation and the international road transport (TIR) transit system based on UN Convention. TIR operates globally in a partnership between the public and private sectors. It simplifies the international transport of goods by allowing vehicles and freight containers to cross countries under customs seals in transit mode without additional checks at the border.

To work on the integration of the Systems, a working group will be created, which will include representatives of the Digital Platforms Development Center and the International Road Transport Union. Joint activities will be aimed at digitalization of the freight transport industry, the study of the possibility of attaching ENS in Europe, which would increase the speed of administrative procedures and the delivery of goods. In the future, these and other measures will open the “green corridor” between Europe and China, which will reduce the time and financial costs of transporting goods through Russia.

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