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Federal State Enterprise "Security of Railway Transport of the Russian Federation" and Digital Platforms Development Center Team Up to Ensure Rail Cargo Safety

Federal State Enterprise "Security of Railway Transport of the Russian Federation" and Russian Sealing Operator, Digital Platforms Development Center LLC, have entered a strategic partnership and cooperation agreement on monitoring and escorting rail cargo.

<p>In addition to escorting cargo while en route, the railway security service will also put electronic navigation seals of the Digital Platforms Development Center onto rail cars and use the Goods Transportation Tracking System. The system is a specialized high-tech tool designed for collecting, processing, storing, and transmitting data for the purposes of tracking transportations. The presence of the seal on the cargo compartment prevents access to the cargo and its unloading. The system makes it possible to maximize Russian transit and logistics potential and redirect the traffic from the Suez Canal to Russian transport corridors.</p>
<p>"The Security of Railway Transport of the Russian Federation uses latest technologies to ensure cargo safety and integrity. Using the electronic navigation seal for monitoring, escorting, and protecting cargo will facilitate better control over railway cargo, especially for long-distance routes. We appreciate the fact that our work is conducted in the system of one authorized sealing operator, and when it comes to transit transportation, we are able to get information from electronic seals of other countries' sealing operators," says Ivan Petrovich Chelnokov, Director General of the security service.</p>
<p>"The electronic navigation seal enables continuous monitoring of the cargo. In case of an emergency, it registers the event and informs the System about the current status of the cargo: cable being cut, seal being destroyed, or lack of information from the cargo for over a certain period. Security staff who escort trains will be able to check on the integrity of the cargo in real-time mode and take action in case of any attempts of unauthorized access to the cargo compartment," says Artyom Popov, Director of the Project Management Department of the Digital Platforms Development Center.</p>

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