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Experts discuss the development of the transportation sector

Moscow hosted the sixth international conference Road Freight: Challenges and Opportunities (2020).

The conference continued a series of professional events that seek to develop proposals for the development of the transportation and logistics market and boost the efficiency of road freight services. Participants in the conference included representatives of business, the state and industry experts. The participants discussed the short- and long-term impact of the pandemic on the business, the effectiveness of the state support measures and shared their projections about the future.

The bulk of the event was devoted to the very much relevant topic of the use of digital technologies in road freight. Sergey Kiselev, Chief Technology Officer of Digital Platforms Development Center, made a presentation on the system for road deliveries tracking using electronic navigation seals, the first outcomes of the use of the new system and its growth prospects. “The geographical location of Russia means we've got huge transit potential and the state has now tasked us with developing it by making our country a more attractive option for transit deliveries,” Mr. Kiselev noted.

The conference also featured the award ceremony for the National Award for Special Achievements and Contribution to the Development of Road Freight.

The 6th international conference Road Freight: Challenges and Opportunities (2020) was organized by the Trucks and Roads industry portal and ATO Events with the support of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, the Cross-Sectoral Expert Council for the Development of the Automotive and Road Industry.

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