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Digital Platforms Development Center Participates in Drawing Up an Agreement on the Usage of Navigation Seals in the EAEU

The document will define the regulatory framework for the use of navigation seals in the Eurasian Economic Union to monitor transit traffic going through the territories of two or more signatory states. The agreement is being prepared as part of a roadmap for the development of a unified Customs Transit System in the Eurasian Economic Union based on the System for Tracking the Transportation of Goods Using Electronic Navigation Seals.

The roadmap covers a large list of actions for the development of uniform approaches to the transit of goods in the EAEU and the interaction of national Sealing Operator Systems both with each other, as well as with digital transport projects of the EAEU member states. The Russian sealing operator, Digital Platforms Development Center, takes an active part in the roadmap's actions, as well as provides expert assistance in the development of a unified Transit System.

All shipments moving through the territories of the EAEU member states will be tracked using electronic navigation seals registered in the information systems of national operators. The seals are planned to be usable in the territories of all signatory states, regardless of whose national operator tracks the transportation.

Under the agreement, national sealing operators will be tasked with ensuring the round-the-clock operation of the information systems for tracking traffic across the territories of the EAEU member states. Their obligations will also include the accounting and storage of information on each tracked shipment, including details about the activation and deactivation of navigation seals, as well as other data received from the seals and processed by information systems of the operators.

Information systems of national operators will exchange transportation data over the Internet both with each other and with the supervisory authorities responsible for the territories crossed by the shipments.

The agreement will be signed by Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia, all of which consider uninterrupted and safe transportation of goods an important principle of international trade. The signing of the agreement will simplify the national regulation of transit, leading to the creation of "green corridors" for freight transport throughout the EAEU.

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