Starting September 06 The port of Saint-Petersburg, Vostochny Port and Port of Vladivostok can be used for starting or finishing international transit transportation of sanctioned groups of goods. Please consider these ports when planning transportation

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Digital Platforms Development Center and Vediafi Oy signed a memorandum of cooperation

The companies intend to develop and enhance mutual professional cooperation in the field of control over the international transport of goods using electronic navigation seals.

Digital Platforms Development Center LLC and Vediafi Oy will cooperate to develop digital solutions to remove logistical restrictions and reduce administrative barriers in the transportation of goods between Russia and Finland.

The companies will conduct a series of joint tests on the use of electronic navigation seals in the transit of goods from Finland to Asian countries through Russia. The results of these experiments will be scaled up to the subsequent turnover of goods between Russia and Finland.

Digital Platforms Development Center LLC and Vediafi Oy will also exchange experience and provide each other with engineering support in the field of the international transit of haulage, and the monitoring and control of goods' movement using electronic navigation seals. The joint activities will increase cargo flows between countries, speed up the delivery of goods, and the application of ENS will improve transport safety.

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