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CRCP LLC and GLONASS JSC sign a cooperation agreement

The Russian sealing operator Digital Platforms Development Center LLC (CRCP LLC) and GLONASS JSC, the operator of the ERA-GLONASS state automated information system (GAIS), signed an agreement on cooperation and strategic interaction for the implementation of transport information systems and infrastructure projects.

The companies will focus on projects and activities as part of the implementation of the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 290 dated June 29, 2019. The operators will jointly create and develop new products and services based on the ERA-GLONASS Goods Tracking System and ERA-GLONASS GAIS, as well as solutions created on its basis.

CRCP LLC and GLONASS JSC will also focus on implementing the roadmap for the development of a unified system of customs transit of goods in the Eurasian Economic Union using electronic navigation seals. The companies will provide expert support in carrying out the roadmap activities and conduct a number of joint transport of goods experiments with navigation seals. The results of these joint activities will be taken into account in the development of regulatory and legal documents pertaining to the goods movement tracking system and electronic navigation seals.

The digitalization of transportation will allow Russia to compete with alternative product delivery routes from Europe to China. It will enable carriers to use the most advantageous route in terms of time and cost. Russian transport corridors make it possible to deliver goods 2–3 times faster and save the carrier up to 30% of the cost of each run by significantly reducing delivery times.

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