Starting September 06 The port of Saint-Petersburg, Vostochny Port and Port of Vladivostok can be used for starting or finishing international transit transportation of sanctioned groups of goods. Please consider these ports when planning transportation

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An electronic navigation seal allows you to save transportation costs

Electronic navigation seals (ENS) are designed to control the integrity of any commercial cargo transported within the Russian Federation, and shipments of sanctioned goods that fall within the scope of Decree No. 290 of the President of the Russian Federation, dated June 24, 2019, as well as to seal cargo in accordance with Order No. 285 of the Federal Railway Transport Agency, dated July 16, 2020.

Depending on the number of shipments, ENS usage may save up to 50 % of the cost, compared to other methods of monitoring the movement and safety of cargo. Based on the internal forecasting of transportation load, the Carrier can choose daily or monthly leasing of seals for commercial cargo shipments. Besides, the Carrier is granted access to all features of the System for Tracking Cargo Shipments and the Electronic Navigation Seal:

  • Shipment monitoring along the entire route;
  • Access to the cargo for authorized personnel only;
  • Free Personal Account of the Carrier for shipment control;
  • Unassisted sealing and unsealing;
  • Free mobile app for electronic navigation seal control;
  • Monitoring service for stakeholders involved in the transportation;
  • Different options of seal delivery to the customer;
  • 24/7 support via the Contact Center;
  • Personal Manager to communicate with the Sealing Operator;
  • Timely submission of accounting documents.

Benefits of cooperation with Digital Platforms Development Center LLC:

  • The advanced Data Center meets all the requirements for data backup and protection and ensures continuous operation of the System for Tracking Cargo Shipments;
  • Reusable electronic navigation seals using GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) have proven effective in the transportation of sanctioned groups of goods through the territory of the Russian Federation in accordance with Resolution No. 1877 of the Government of the Russian Federation, dated June 24, 2019;
  • Innovative software of the System for Tracking Cargo Shipments has shown its effectiveness in rail and road transportation;
  • Protection of personal data and transportation information;
  • Experience in business cooperation with major Russian carriers;
  • No security deposit for a seal is required;
  • 24/7 customer support in Russian and English languages;
  • High quality and customization of services.

We are ready to discuss individual terms of cooperation with each customer. Check the prices for leasing an electronic navigation seal here.

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