About the system

The System for Tracking Goods Transportation by trucking Road and Rail Using Identification facilities (Electronic Navigation Seals) Functioning Based on the GLONASS Global Navigation Satellite Technology

(hereinafter the ‘System’) is created with a view to ensuring the protection of national economic interests, leveraging transit potential and boosting the competitiveness of the Russian transport system.

The System will open great opportunities to the Russian borders for international transit, increasing its traffic, creating the necessary mechanisms for easing administrative barriers during border crossing formalities, subsequently serving to build a ‘green route’ – the fastest transit zone between Asia and Europe through Russia.
The System implementation on the territory of Russia is a large-scale national project which will initially ensure that the transportation of "sanctioned" goods is controlled and in the future can be replicated and used to control the transit of other goods brought through the territory of Russia.

Importance of the System relies on actual business needs. The speed of delivery, the ability to quickly undergo administrative procedures, the reliability of information about the whereabouts and safety of cargo, the overall security of cargo delivery are the key objectives entrusted to the System.

The System includes the following elements.

The functionality of the System has been fully tested both within two Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) member states (Russia and Kazakhstan) as part of a joint experiment with the Federal Customs Service of Russia and domestically.

The System has been successfully tested:

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